infuse your team with founder power

We are senior entrepreneurs bootstrapping our own startup while freelancing for great companies on exciting Venture Building, Product Ops and Go-to-Market projects.


We are not an agency.
We are not innovation consultants.
We are entrepreneurs.

As long-time executive leaders of both startup and corporate endeavours, as well as founders of the Exit3x Venture Studio, we are experts at testing new concepts and risky assumptions in the market.

We have experience building companies and products in a variety of B2B and B2C industries. We are venture architects, operational founders, product creators, business strategists, growth marketers, fundraisers, M&A participants, and team leaders.

We are currently hireable as individual freelancers or as a freelance team for short and mid-term projects in product ops (operations) and go-to-market execution. Bring us into your team... your company, product and the people you lead will benefit from our entrepreneurial perspectives and processes.

We commit to infusing your project with experienced founder power to drive greater momentum towards your goals with speed and measurable success.

Let’s Collaborate

Do you need more entrepreneurial spirit driving your project and team?

Examples of Our Work

Some of our VC-funded, corporate funded and bootstrapped (pre-seed) endeavours.


Pre-Seed Stage

Predictive sourcing and recruiting for human resources leaders and hiring managers to acquire sought-after digital talent.

Amundsen (EWE AG)

Corporate Venture

A collaborative cross-industry energy data platform with consumer smart home / IoT hardware and apps.

Amperas / Energieberater.io

Corporate Venture

A B2B energy contract offers management marketplace for sales consultants and midsize businesses.


Corporate Venture

A master checklist app to manage a household move and hire all the vendors needed to complete each task.


Corporate Venture

A B2C digital contract vault, contract termination reminder service and online manager to optimize and switch household vendors; and a B2B solution to enable vendors to retain existing customers.


Corporate Venture

A hiring and mentoring platform to connect underrepresented technical candidates with companies committed to diversity and inclusion.


Corporate Venture

Developed a strategy for the Peninsula Founders program to fast-track co-creation and go-to-market with startups focused on the future of connectivity in the automotive and mobility environments.



A real time, predictive, dynamic content engine with machine learning-based email personalization for marketing clouds.



A retention analytics and marketing solution for online retailers to keep their customers coming back.

Let's Explore the Possibilities

We love to work with teams that create market-changing ventures!

Get to Know Us

We are long-time executive leaders of both startup and corporate ventures.

Kevin Dykes

Founder / CEO / CPO / CTO / and Builder of Badass Products and Teams for over 25 years.

Sandy Hathaway

Founder / CEO / CMO / COO / and Market Validation and Growth Expert for over 20 years.

How to Work With Us

We work as individual freelancers or as a team for short and mid-term projects that can
benefit from an entrepreneurial way of getting things done... lean, fast and guided by iterative learning.

Product Ops

Trusted advisor to the CPO and product leadership focused on product tech stack and process, data access for analysis and insight with alignment on the mission’s vision and strategy.


Trusted advisor to the CEO and marketing leadership focused on data-driven product launch and business development strategies and execution.

Testbed Setup and Advisory

Set up of process for experimentation, discovery and validation using rapid prototyping and risky assumption tests (RATs) for early idea stage projects and products already in-market.

Venture Studio / Venture Acceleration

Collaboration with innovation teams to explore new business models and create operating startups.

Let's Move Fast and Make Waves

Hire one of us as a freelancer, or both of us as a team, and together we'll do exciting things.

Exit3x Venture Studio

Greifenhagener Str. 30
10437 Berlin DE

Phone: +49 160 94944807
Email: kevin@exit3x.com
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